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In Hiyoki we define ourselves as a restaurant of traditional Japanese food in Seville that offers quality dishes at the best price. Our objective, apart from achieving the maximum satisfaction of all our clients, is to bring them closer to the traditional Japanese culture. We want our guests, when they visit us, to feel as if they were in Japan.

For this, we have strived to develop a menu with traditional dishes and other more innovative. All without sacrificing quality.

At Hiyoki we not only offer food, we also offer you the possibility to spend a pleasant time in a comfortable and cozy place. We take care of even the smallest detail, since we consider that the difference lies in that.

In addition, our letter is a true reflection of all this we want to convey.

Any questions, problems or suggestions you may have, you can consult us without any problem. We will be happy to assist you and provide you with all the information you need to know. Although we are located in Seville, you can also contact us by phone. We will gladly assist you.

At Hiyoki we work with professionals from the sector with the same objective: to always offer the best of our food to our customers. All this goes through a careful attention to the public and, of course, to have a raw material that is of the highest quality.

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If you want to know our letter, we encourage you to visit the section Our specialties that you will find on this website.


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Discover Japan without leaving Seville.

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