Typical Japanese food in Seville

Our dishes

What you will find if you visit Hiyoki is a modern and avant-garde restaurant where we serve typical Japanese food. And all without leaving the city of Seville.

In order to fulfill this objective we have prepared a wide and varied menu with the best products you will find. Take good note of them:


Chicken gyoza

The gyoza is a kind of stuffed empanadilla that is fried in a pan leaving the part of the toasted base..

Gyoza of duck

Similar to the chicken gyoza but made with duck, is a dish prepared in a traditional way, sober and elegant.

Vegetable tempura

Vegetables battered in a very light flour. The secret of it is to leave the batter crunchy and not oily. A special flavor of the lotus flower, with a very pleasant sweet touch.

Ramen Kakuni

It is a kind of stew that in the East is consumed with great frequency, its correct elaboration requires up to 12 hours. It is a noodle stew in which, in its Japanese version, the flavor of the broth made with nori seaweed, vegetables and braised pork sliced meat is
emphasized. A broth with foundation, with the right touch of spice.


Rice with vinegar that serves as an accompaniment. We have several kinds of sushi: nigiri, maki or temaki.

Ox Nigiri Sushi

It is one of the non-traditional sushis, served with a slice of beef on which is presented a quail egg seasoned with truffle. It produces an explosion of flavors in the mouth.


It is a kind of omelette of the Japanese popular classes consisting of a flour dough, grated yam, water and egg stuffed with different ingredients and covered with an elaborated sauce.


They are fried noodles originating in China with special house sauce with a sweet touch of sugar and light spicy ginger.


Lychee jelly

Lychee is a tropical fruit of the Asian continent with texture similar to grapes but sweeter.

Green tea ice cream

It has a fresh and light flavor.

Chocolate soup

It has a creamy touch, without being especially sweet.

What do you want to take? Visit us and live one of the best gastronomic experiences you'll find in Seville.

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